JRA Mobile Find&Fix App

JRA Find&Fix Mobile App

The City of Johannesburg’s population is constantly growing. As the City’s roads authority, this ever-growing population means the JRA must always be at the forefront of innovation and community engagement—empowering citizens to be our eyes and ears, everywhere, to report road related issues.

The Find & Fix mobile application was developed to enhance the JRA’s reachability and customer service.

The app allows road users to report road related defects at the click of a button. It was developed in 2014 and has user-friendly features that enable road users to snap, register the location and notify the JRA of potholes, missing manhole covers, weeds growing on the road, defective traffic signals and other related infrastructural faults for urgent attention.

Shortly after its launch in 2014, the Find & Fix application scooped three prestigious accolades in the Microsoft Partner Network Awards as:

  • Microsoft Application Development of the Year Award
  • Public Sector Industry Award
  • Prestigious Managing Director’s Award

To download the app, smart phones should be operating on Windows Phone 8, Android or iOS. If you are not familiar with downloading apps, you can view how to download free android apps to your smartphone on this great, informative technology site. If you are an iPhone user learn how to get apps onto your iPhone here.

In order to help consumers utilise the mobile Find&Fix app to its full potential we have compiled an easy to understand FAQ section below.


Find&Fix Mobile App FAQ

1.  My Phone, My Operating System and My App Store


Q. Where do I get the Windows Phone app from?

You can download the Windows Phone app from http://www.WindowsPhone.com and search for ‘Find&Fix’.
You can download the iOS app from the iTunes store https://itunes.apple.com and search for ‘JRA Find&Fix’.
Google Play store
You can download the Android app from http://Play.google.com and search for ‘JRA Find&Fix’


Q. What devices can run the Find & Fix app?
A. You will need a smartphone running either Windows, Android or iOS.


Q. What version of phone operating system do I need?
A. Windows Phone 8 or above, Android 2.3.3 or above and iPhone iOS 7 or above.


Q. Can I install the Find & Fix app on a feature phone like a Nokia Asha, Nokia 311, or Nokia 111?
A. No, unfortunately not.


Q. Can I install the Find & Fix app on my tablet?
A. No, unfortunately not at this time – we are looking to build a tablet app soon.


Q. Can I install the Find & Fix app on a Blackberry?
A. The Find & Fix app is not supported on a Blackberry, however if you have a Blackberry with 10.2.1 you can install the Blackberry App SNAP which will provide you access to the Google Play Store to allow you to load the Android version of the app.


Q. When will I know if an update is ready to be installed for the Find & Fix app?
A. If you have automatic app updates turned on, the updates will be installed on your phone when it is published.


2. Find & Fix App – Registration and Login

Q. Why do I need to register?
A. This enables updates to be provided to your smartphone when the status of your service request is updated by the JRA.


Q. Do I need to login every time I want to submit a service request?
A. No. Once you have logged in you will remain logged in until you logout.


Q. I registered, but I can’t login, what must I do?
A. Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided. You will need to click on the link in the confirmation email to activate your account.


Q. I registered, but I didn’t receive an email, what must I do?
A. You should check your Junk folder or your Anti-Spam filter to see if the email has been blocked. If this does not help you can add noreply@jra.org.za to your safelist or whitelist on your email client or email service. If this still does not help please contact us at find&fixfeedback@jra.org.za


3. Using the Find&Fix App

Q. How do I log a service request?
A. Simply touch the Find & Fix icon on your smartphone and touch one of the Service Request types.


Q. What happens once I have submitted by Service Request?
A. A number of things will happen, including:

1. Your service request will be set to status NEW and sent to the JRA call centre.
2. Your information will create an ACTIVE service request. The JRA call centre operator may add a comment if necessary.
3. You will be notified, via the app, of the change in status of your service request.
4. Once your service request has been completed, the JRA call centre operator will change your service request status to CLOSED.
5. You will be notified again, via the app, of the change in status of your service request.


Q. My location is not being detected accurately, what can I do?
A. Ensure that ‘GPS Location Services’ are turned on.


Q. I submitted a service request but I am not seeing my service request on the ‘Around Me’ map, why is that?
A. The JRA Find & Fix app is intended to be used by Johannesburg residents only – if you are submitting requests outside of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area (South Africa) they will not be captured. When zoomed out, not all requests are displayed to avoid crowding the map and it may be grouped with other close, equivalent requests. The request may also take up to 15 minutes to appear on the map. Rest easy, your request is there and the JRA are looking at it.


Q. Are the JRA or Intervate condoning the use of cell phones whilst driving?
A. No. The Find & Fix app should only be used when you are stationary and it’s safe to do so taking into account other road users and your own personal safety.


Q. Do I need ‘data’ to use the app?
A. You will need ‘data’ or a WiFi connection to submit your service requests.


Q. Can I capture the service request on the road and then submit later when I get to a WiFi connection?
A. Not yet, but it’s an enhancement that will be released soon enabling citizens to save their mobile data.


4. Find & Fix App – Getting Help

 Q. I am struggling to get the app to work, who can I contact?

A. You can contact the JRA using the email address: find&fixfeedback@jra.org.za and provide the following information: your name, your contact telephone number, your device type: ie: Samsung Smartphone Galaxy Pocket Plus, operating system version: ie: 2.3.3 and a brief description of your problem.


Q. Can I tweet the JRA?
A. Sure, please tweet @MyJRA and use the #FindnFix hashtag.


5.  More About the Find&Fix App:


Q. Why did the JRA build this app?

A. The JRA has received many complaints about poor service delivery, which has not been helped by inaccurate, vague or incomplete service request information. The app captures an exact location automatically, and allows citizens to add photos and descriptions (whilst not necessary) to enable the JRA to have better information. The JRA believes that better information will have an improved effect on service delivery over time.


Q. Why did JRA partner with Intervate?
A. The Find & Fix app is based on Intervate’s Fix My City (FMC) Framework. The FMC framework is a multi-tenant capable solution which allows geo-fencing of regions to allow service requests to be grouped and categorised. The framework is flexible and can be easily adapted for example to retail store settings, for health and safety issues or in an industrial plant. This experience and knowledge allied with Intervate’s innovation, passion and excellence and a desire to deliver impactful solutions meant that this was an ideal partnership to help solve this very real problem.

If you have anymore questions about the mobile Find&Fix app, you can contact find& fixfeedback@jra.org.za and we will be glad to assist.







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