M2 Opening soon

After the necessary rehabilitation of the M2 bridge, the JRA is pleased to inform all road users that the work is almost complete and the bridge ready for re-opening on the 04th of November 2019.


Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has invested approximately R23 million in the construction of Diepsloot pedestrian bridge in Diepsloot. The construction of the pedestrian bridge will play a significant role in the lives of residents by linking Diepsloot’s Extensions 1 and 2, with safe passage during times of heavy rains and flash flooding.

JRA: 2018 so far…

We have been busy this 2018 with projects that pertain to the rehabilitation, upgrading and the building of new infrastructure in communities and on roads in the City of Joburg. Some of these projects began in the first few months of this year, whereas others carried over from 2017 and are about to be completed.

M2 construction to ease traffic flow

Major upgrades on the M2 West are estimated at R30 million and will be completed by 15 December 2017. The road is being widened for road users between Treu Road, Park Drive and Crownwood Road and a dedicated new lane from Church Street up to the M1 and M2 Motorway will be added.



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