Traffic calming request

Responsible for receiving and screening traffic calming requests (speed humps/circles/ round-abouts/ rumble strips etc.). Customer Care section arranges Traffic Engineering site inspections and general customer queries relating to Traffic Engineering. It plays an important role of liaising between internal departments and providing feedback to the client.

The contact person is: Esther Schmidt Operations Manager: Traffic Information Systems Tel: 011 298-5230 Fax: 011 298-5176. E-mail:

Customer Care also handles high level ( "VIP" ) customers i.e. (Mayoral Office/City Manager/Section 80members/Councillors/ Regional Directors and Residence Associations).

Providing updated information regarding Capital Programmes/ depot maintenance progammes.

The CLO's are available to set-up site inspections, assess proposals for project inceptions and attend Visible Service Delivery meeting as well as Integrated Development Programme meetings.

Guide for the traffic calming application process.



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Joburg Roads Agency
Hi Sandra, that junction is power affected and has been relayed to Eskom , ref 218653063.^ES
Joburg Roads Agency
Hi David, your service request has been logged with reference #3591862.^ES