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When you are driving home from work or a fantastic lunch today you may come across a bothersome pothole or traffic signal. As Johannesburg is a large area, aside from our daily inspections and maintenance, we need you to be our eyes and ears by reporting issues that you notice. By working together every day we can make the mobility of our entire city even easier!

Potholes and traffic signals are not the only issues you can report. You may notice the deterioration of a road surface or require speedhumps installed in an area (which have to comply to South Road Traffic Signs and related manuals), there may be road signs that are skew or missing, lane markings faded, a manhole cover missing, an unfilled trench across a road. These are some of the multiple areas of road related infrastructure that we cover. You can view a comprehensive list in our About Us section.

In order to provide the best service we can we have multiple channels that you can use to log a road infrastructure related fault in the City of Johannesburg.

You can log a fault online via our website  or try our Find&Fix app. Simply snap a picture of an issue on your mobile phone, choose the nature of the issue on the app, and use GPS to send through your location. As simple as that. You can also call our customer contact centre, report the issue on Twitter, Facebook or pop us an e-mail. Contact details are listed below.


Log a Fault Online via our website now

or use

 Customer contact centre: 0860 562 874


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