Fraud Prevention Hotline

The JRA maintains an effective anti-fraud and corruption culture that supports its ethics of driving out any fraudulent and corrupt activity if found. 

If you become aware, as a member of the public, of any suspected fraudulent or corrupt activity you should bring this to the attention of the JRA and City of Johannesburg.




Reporting Methods: 

JRA Fraud and Ethics Hotline on 0800 002 587

Report Online at

Send an e-mail to




For more information on our code of ethics, which is mandatory for every member of our organisation to upold, please view our Code of Ethical Conduct.



·       The JRA Fraud and Ethics Hotline at contact no. 0800 002 587 or  – operated by an independent third party and guaranteeing anonymity. You can also send an e-mail to if you are unable to call the hotline or make a report online at 



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