A word from the MD

md3During the 1st Quarter of 2016/17, the Johannesburg Roads Agency attained a performance of 77.22% as measured against the predetermined objectives within our company scorecard.

Our commitment to service delivery drives our efforts to streamline our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function. We are in the process of centralising our CRM teams and restructuring reporting lines within the organisation in order to ensure consistentcy and quality in our responses to requests from citizens and stakeholders.

Furthermore, we are streamlining business processes within all our maintenance teams, improving quality and productivity levels to ensure better maintenance of our City’s roads. We are also improving our management of the City’s traffic lights to reduce traffic light downtime, as well as our own internal supply chain management processes to ensure full, efficient expenditure of our budget with no shortages in stocks, which results in poor service delivery.

We have seen great progress with our CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) projects, such as the Naledi Bridge, which has brought two communities that were separated by railway lines together. The Emmarentia Dam Rehabilitation was also recently completed.

The biggest road project in the city, the M1 Oxford and Federation project continues to progress successfully through each of its phases. In Soweto we have three bridges that are envisaged to be upgraded by the 16th December 2016: Nxumalo, Zulu-Mahalefele, and Kinini. The bridges were previously low-lying resulting in constant flooding causing a danger to pedestrians.

We are also completing resurfacing projects in Soweto and other areas of the City.

We will be constructing a new pedestrian bridge in Slovo, aimed at creating a safe link between the Coronationville and Industrial West Townships. The bridge will eliminate the danger associated with communities crossing railway lines in order to travel between the townships.

Funds were allocated in the 2015/16 budget to improve storm water systems in high-risk areas to minimise the risk of flooding. High-risk areas in the City have been identified as Braamfischerville, Green Village, Ivory Park, Doornkop, Orlando East, Mapetla, Phiri, Diepsloot, Dobsonville, Orange Farm, Industria and North Riding. In addition the JRA is busy with the conversion of open drain systems to closed systems to further improve safety and protect residents from the impact of flash floods.

We launched a new fleet of pothole repair trucks in June to increase our capacity. These trucks now have a protective partition between the hot asphalt and employees being transported in the trucks. They have also been designed for quicker service delivery as they can dispense hot asphalt from three sides.

The JRA launched a Fraud and Corruption awareness campaign on the 1st of July 2016. The campaign urges employees to report any act or suspicions of fraud and corruption. Also for the protection of the City’s infrastructure, an Infrastructure Protection Unit (IPU) was launched. This is a joint project of the JRA and Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD).

All of these projects are aimed at improving the JRA’s service delivery to the people of Joburg.

Dr. Sean Phillips
Managing Director 
Johannesburg Roads Agency



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